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Monday, March 22nd, 2010
1:43 pm - Facebook
so after many well-written letters to Facebook, they let me have my page back. though I almost never post here any more I do a form of micro blogging there which is more up to the minute, although maybe not as intensely detailed... but still, if you missed me on here I'm definitely there all the freaking time. hahaha. anyway feel free to friend me. :)


I am also on twitter

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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
1:01 pm - I hate facebook
facebook deleted my account, without warning or explanation. they also deleted the Lucky 13 fan page, since it was associated with my account. what kind of nazis are they??

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Monday, July 20th, 2009
11:39 am - you know you want it it's The Cure!
one-of-a-kind hand painted Cure cropped ladies motorcycle jacket, early 90s. size medium but definitely on the smaller side.


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Saturday, June 27th, 2009
12:44 pm - If I had a clothing/corsets sale at the bar or my apt
would any of you small gals be interested?

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Monday, June 1st, 2009
4:25 pm - moving to blogspot
I never come on here anymore. I don't know why really. but I'm going to try blogging elsewhere if anyone cares.


that blog will mostly be about shows and out-and-about adventures.

I'll try and stop by here every once in a while.

and there's always





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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
11:26 am - strange things are afoot at the circle K...
I am really excited about something but I don't want to jinx it since it's not a done deal yet, but woo! if this happens it will be so cool it's ridiculous. :)

if you didn't know, my best friend roybatty is getting married THIS SUNDAY!! how crazy is that?? I can't believe it's here already. and I am his best man. so there has been a flurry of activity around that. YES, I got to plan and execute the bachelor party! I think I did a pretty damn good job too. :)

but all the cool kids are coming in for the wedding so that is the best part of all!! I am especially psyched to see jillyfishie, pinkbean and sevensomething since they all moved out of NYC and left me!!

other exciting news: I got asked to be a fitness model at a huge 500-person PR event next monday, and I'm getting paid to walk around & look hot!! AWESOME!

ps: did you know POLAND SPRING is also a VODKA???

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
3:15 pm - wow
so I checked back in and received 30 comments to my post from last night. YAY!! that was awfully nice. I'll come back and try and post more regularly.

so! some updates:

Lucky 13 is about to be FIVE YEARS OLD! those of you who were with me IRL or on here through the craziness of trying to open a bar probably can't believe it, but I've actually had that space since August of 2003 and am about to sign a new 5-year lease. totally crazy.

The bar business was slow at first, then good, then really good (2006 was killer) then not so good, and now, due to the failing economy and the fact that all our bills have skyrocketed, pretty bad. I can't complain though because in times of economic hardship they say you are ahead of the game if you are breaking even, and we are, so at least we are not in danger of closing and the madness will continue....

There was talk of opening a second bar that would be more of a venue, but due to the state of the economy and the difficulty with actually *making* any money owning a bar, we've decided to try our hand at another type of business, or two. I am in negotiations on the one that is more immediate, and will let y'all know once it is more solidified. :)

I do still have all three jobs, the advertising firm, the bar which besides owning I tend bar at (I actually make more money bartending than I do owning, so I won't be quitting tending bar anytime soon, at least not until I don't look so great anymore ;))... & I also still teach at crunch, 7 classes a week currently.

my office sitch has changed and isn't as glorious as it used to be; yes, I am still head of the department, but the department is reduced to 3 people total, and we are no longer in soho, which is the worst part of it, and hurts my soul. though my nasty shopping habit has subsided somewhat since we've left the mecca that is soho and maybe I'll actually be able to save some $$ for a change. maybe. I want to buy a friggin' apartment or house or something someday so I have to save money somehow because rent is out of control here.

the REALLY, really terrible thing about my office move is that we moved to, drumroll please, 7 WORLD TRADE CENTER. that's correct. the last building that went down on september 11th; the only one they have managed to put back up. as if I needed a daily reminder of that time, now I'm living it and dealing with it every day and it sucks and I hate it. I feel like I should be looking out the window for approaching airplanes. I'm on the 36th floor. :( I have considered buying a parachute to keep in my desk, just in case. I'm not joking. Not to mention the hordes of asshole construction workers working down here screaming shit at me every minute I am on the street, as I suppose they aren't used to girls covered in tattoos in short dresses and heels here in the financial district. I look forward to being covered up in winter for the first time ever. le sigh.

ALSO, I started running. and it was SO HARD at first. even in the pretty good shape I thought I was in, I couldn't run 2 blocks when I started, back in March. and it's awful and still hard and yet amazing. and I am in the BEST shape I have been in my entire life. so I get up at the crack of dawn, get ready to go running, run around prospect park and then home, get ready for job #1, work all day and then teach at night. my schedule is insane and I actually have to schedule my sleep in. like write it down, what time I have to get to bed, depending on the day. my weekends are all backwards because of the bartending. I don't know how long I can maintain this running plus working 70+ hours a week but I feel good, and I haven't been sick in months! no kidney problems!! so as long as I feel good I will keep it up! I ran the Komen 5k for breast cancer last Sunday and it was hot as hell out but it was still a triumph as it was my first organized race and I raised over $1200 for them! (btw, if you still want to donate and you missed my blog on myspace about it: http://www.komennyc.org/goto/melody13 – there's still a couple of weeks left). I want to try a 10K soonish and then hopefully a half marathon in the spring. if that goes well I may try for the NYC marathon next fall, but currently, that seems like an impossibility. then again, I have never NOT done something I wanted to do once I put my mind to it, so I'm trying not to psych myself out a year in advance. :)

ok guys, thanks for keeping the love intact!! I feel kind of warm and fuzzy inside. :)


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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
10:23 pm - to come back or not to come back....
that is the question indeed! I miss a lot of you. people I used to see IRL I never see anymore, and since I stopped livejournalling with my super-busy life, don't know what is going on with any of you anymore. even the people I hardly ever saw or don't live in the area, at least I knew what was up with you. so, I'm wondering, does anyone still read this? does anyone miss my posts? if a bunch of people respond to this, I'll take that as a yes, to both. :)

hope all of you are well.


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Sunday, January 13th, 2008
12:48 pm - I was assaulted thursday night, if you live in park slope, please be careful
I posted this on myspace but realized quite a few of you on here who don't read my myspace blog live in my area, and I wanted to give you a head's up as the cops are basically waiting for the guy to strike again...

I left crunch on flatbush ave about 9:20 pm, headed towards 5th ave to either get the bus or to walk over to cattyshack to see jeanie, waiting for some phonecalls... I walked down park place, I walk down park place ALL the time for the past 7 years, I used to live right around the corner from there, maggie gyllenhall lives a couple of doors over from my old apt, this is a nice neighborhood for those of you who don't know park slope... anyway, I digress.

I crossed 6th ave and was walking toward 5th and I heard NOTHING, I walked under some scaffolding that is on the church on the left and suddenly there was a tall man's hand over my face and his other arm around my arms and at first I thought "which one of my asshole friends am I now going to smack for trying to scare me" because everyone in this friggin' neighborhood knows me, even the ambulance driver said "hey you're the lucky 13 girl". but once the man said in my ear "don't scream" I realized it wasn't a joke and I tried to fight him but he was behind me and had me pretty good already because I let my guard down when I thought it must be someone I knew, it was only 9:30 at night!!!!! so I tried to scream but his gloved hand was over my mouth and then he had me on the ground and just started STOMPING on my head, maybe 4 or 5 times, I saw flashes of white each time and took the defensive position to try and protect myself and he grabbed my purse and it gets a little fuzzy then, I don't know where he went and I didn't know if he had a weapon so I waited in the position for a minute in case he was planning on kicking my face in, and I kinda like my face so I thought I would keep it protected for another minute, and then I somehow managed to get up and run back towards 6th ave screaming somebody call 911! call 911! and some people appeared and called 911. I collapsed on the ground, my head was worse than I had thought. the police came and questioned me and I was ranting how I had a ton of cash and credit cards and new $150 headphones and prada sunglasses and like hundreds of dollars in makeup in my bag and go fucking find it but all I knew was that he was tall, and black, and wearing a hat, there was no way I could have identified him and we drove around but there were 2 dozen black guys in hats on 5th ave, it was drizzling out, there was no hope, and then we went back to the spot and the ambulance guys wanted to put me in a neck brace and immobilize me but I said no fucking way and then they wanted to take me to methodist and I said no fucking way so we went to LIC hospital.

I am quite lucky to be alive, and I came out relatively ok, I do have a concussion but at the hospital they did cat scans to make sure I didn't have a hematoma or any other brain problems, they gave me a tetanus shot since I had some sidewalk grit in my head, and they gave me a couple of percocet for the pain. sadly, they gave me none to go home with. :P I am fortunate I have such a hard head.

anyway, I am going to be ok, I am banged up but it could have been so much worse, on one hand I was mad at myself for fighting back at all, but on the other hand, a friend pointed out to me yesterday that if I *didn't* fight back and didn't scream like he said he might have dragged me off somewhere and god only knows what might have happened, there is a dark parking area right there on that block... and I have no idea if he had a weapon since I never saw him... so I'm lucky...

had to get the locks changed on the apartment since my keys were in the bag and I'm sure my address somewhere in there though my ID had my PO box on it... which sucks because my PO box key was in there too, I'll have to try and take care of that monday, sigh. I've cancelled all my credit cards I could think of.

anyway, I will now be accepting gift certificates to the apple store and to sephora to replace some of my shit. ha. ha. ha. ;P

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
11:57 am - come see me next saturday!!!

I'll be bartending in a different superhero costume this year. hahaha. :)

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Monday, October 8th, 2007
7:05 pm - SoHo shopping guide
I did this today on my myspace blog (http://myspace.com/chisaiboo) and realized it might be useful to someone. enjoy.

this list is of course skewed mainly towards women, sorry guys.

Let's start with what is essentially my favourite store:
Intermix. 98 Prince Street. I purchased a Marchesa elbow-sleeved long brocade jacket there a couple of months ago that looks like it was made for marie antoinette. they have everything from simple but luxurious basics to outrageous offerings, like said jacket, that only us non-wallflowers would probably attempt to wear. they carry a lot of La Rok (love it!) and beautiful (vegan!) shoes, bags and clothing from designer stella mccartney. all the latest and greatest designer jeans brands too, a total one-stop shopping experience, which is why it's so dangerous for me to even set foot in there. ;) there are various locations and if you do not live in new york they have a website you can shop from for some of the stuff they have in the stores: http://www.intermixonline.com

Chanel. Corner of Spring & Wooster. I do not buy chanel bags, I have just one, or clothes, unless I find them at a consignment shop, but I do buy shoes at the actual boutique. the sweet salesman in there that I deal with remembers my name every time I walk in. it's even fun just to go in and look, without actually buying anything, the stuff is so gorgeous. They have Chanel sunglasses and makeup inside the relatively small store as well, so if you feel bad about browsing and all that, buy a lipstick, chanel lipsicks are in my top 3 favourite brands.

Prada. Corner Prince & Broadway. Holy crap. You have to check out this store. Guy's clothing here too! But the stuff is stupid expensive, of course. really. you have to see the way this store is laid out though. I am not a huge fan of Prada, actually but the store is exquisite. Very Italy.

Miu Miu. 100 Prince St (next to Intermix!) Miuccia Prada's smaller, sister line to Prada. She also designs this line, which seems odd to me because it is so much more appealing to me, much edgier. Some of the Prada line feels rather stuffy to me, whereas Miu Miu never disappoints me and sometimes surprises with its funkiness. I own numerous Miu Miu shoes, and a couple of bags, but no clothes as of yet. there is this amazing grey/silver skirt (part of a suit actually) that I love in there now but I tend to buy inexpensive clothing and expensive accessories only. Miu Miu is definitely high on my list and the store is really gorgeous too. I am on a waitlist for a pair of shoes there for the last month!

Louis Vuitton. 116 Greene St. It's Vuitton, need I say more? Surprisingly large store for Greene Street. Majority of women's stuff is downstairs. Lots of stuff for men too.

Marc Jacobs. 163 Mercer St. Marc Jacobs designs for Vuitton, this is his store. I've never actually bought anything in here as I prefer the diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs, which they carry at Barney's Co-op, right around the corner from my office.

Barney's Co-op. 116 Wooster St. Barney's is the trendy counterpart to Bergdorf's and Saks, adding edgy apparel and accessories from young designers to their classic collection. All the big department stores however are pretty much in midtown (except Bloomingdale's Soho, which we'll get to). The Co-op is Barney's but geared to the younger, cooler and those with less disposable income. It's easy to walk by if you don't know it's there but their selection of designer denim downstairs is insane.

Agent Provocateur. 133 Mercer st. Holy crap this stuff is gorgeous. and the salesgirls are outfitted in stilettos, fishnet stockings and tight button-down housecoats. meow. corsets, negligees, bras, garters and the like. I bought a gorgeous diamante crusted riding crop here for a certain fgorgeous lady. :) each fitting room is provided with a satin robe so the bashful can keep shopping without getting dressed between get-ups. fantastic. see most of their selection online (but without the sexy salesgirls) @ http://www.agentprovocateur.com

Kiki De Montparnasse. 79 Greene St. 2000 square feet of seduction. This place is friggin' unbelievable. it's basically a couture sex shop. it's lingerie. it's toys. it's sex books. it's sexy music. it's opera length butter-soft black leather gloves. it's 300 thread count egyptian cotton pillowcases, sleep on one side, you know what on the other. :) the website: http://www.kikidm.com/
the pillowcase:

D & G. 434 West Broadway. A slick store full of sexy items for devoted to Dolce & Gabbana's bridge line. It's hit or miss. Sometimes the stuff is amazing, sometimes, not so much. and they recently added a kids section, ew. even if I had kids I wouldn't be wasting my $$ putting them in designer clothing they are going to spit up on. I purchased my first truly over-the-top overpriced designer item here years ago, which had to be flown in from their store in vegas in my size, a gold motorcycle vest that I still have but almost never wear since the gold is starting to wear off around the collar.

Barbara Bui. 115 Wooster st. The clothing is sometimes a little stuffy, like Prada. but the shoes and boots are surprisingly cool. De rigeur for stylish Parisians, Bui's dramatic, rocker-chic designs are just now catching on Stateside. The big Soho shop is the only Bui shop in the U.S. Gorgeous, efficient saleswomen clad in Basic Bui men's style slacks and fitted tops can sometimes be annoying with the advice. I hate advice, I know what I like, leave me a lone unless I ask for help. :)

Kirna Zabete. 96 Greene St. This store is awesome. Airy, light and filled with amazing, well-edited, albeit expensive offerings. Carries Balenciaga, Proenza Scouler, Peter Som, Thakoon, Tuleh and Derek Lam among others. I just read in Oct. Vogue that the 2 chicks who own the store just opened their second one in Tokyo, to much fanfare. Don't forget to go downstairs. http://www.kirnazabete.com/

Betsey Johnson. 138 Wooster st. I was really into Betsey Johnson when I was younger. I don't know if she changed or if I have, I think it might be me. Most of the dresses are just too frilly girly girl for me now, though I do sometimes rock the supergirly look only because with all my tattoos it kind of changes things, heh. the store is SO MUCH better than the website though, unless you are looking for shoes, in which case you should just go to zappos.com. last time I was in the store they had this adorable gold satin clutch with a crystal-encrusted skull as the clasp and I was so sorry i didn't buy it when I discovered they sold it and never had it online. if they don't have your size in something they can usually get it for you from another location.

3.1 Philip Lim. 115 Mercer St. the first signature 3.1 Philip Lim boutique ever. models are always shopping in here, which makes me feel very short. This just opened in July, so it's still got a good buzz going.

Catherine Malandrino. 468 Broome St. This french chick used to be design director for Diane Von Furstenberg. you may remember her from the last season of project runway, (season 3, epi 9) where she was a judge when they flew the remaining designers to paris and asked them to make a couture gown. Malandrino specializes in the sexpot look coveted by second-rate pop stars and paris hilton-type socialites. the store is very disco so a good place to buy a sequined party dress, if you are so inclined. furniture and artwork in the store is also for sale, which is kind of a trip.

Burberry. 131 Spring St. I love that the two times I actually dared to enter Burberry, the salespeople did not bother me at all. yay. the stuff from the new ad campaigns is even more impressive in person than in the ads. I did get a metallic trenchcoat there, which is now the most expensive article of clothing I have ever purchased.
The fall 07 ad campaign:

Anna Sui. 113 Greene St. I used to really love Anna Sui, but her prices have gone up to the point of much more expensive designers, which I find weird, but I guess that happens. I bought my first designer suit here, black pinstripe of course, in maybe 2001. I was with Gale and it was like $1300 and she thought I was insane. but I STILL wear the pants. and I could wear it as a suit as it's pretty timeless, but I'm not so matchy-matchy these days as I was a few years ago. the store is an interesting mix of weird stuff though.

Opening Ceremony. 35 Howard St. This is one of my biggest secrets, the place to find really unique items. Each year the owners pick a region and stock 15 emerging labels from that locale. The coolest indie labels are here, for both boys and girls, and best-sellers during the year carry over into the next, so look for labels from Hong Kong, Brazil and Germany from years past. There's a small TopShop selection in the loft space upstairs; it FLIES out of there though so call to find out when they replenish stock!

Kate Spade. 454 Broome street. I bought my luggage set here, it's bright green PVC & awesome. I don't love the handbags though but some people go nuts for them. they also have shoes. they play indie rock usually, it's kind of a fun store. http://www.katespade.com/

Runway. 450 Broome St. this French boutique has a really good mix of hi and lo items, sometimes you can really find something in here for a lot less $$ then you expect it to be. they will offer you beverages, giving you wine or champagne while you shop. I scored some fantastic shoes here that were only like $100 and look mega-expensive. the best thing is they have an on-site tailor who will take anything in for you while you wait! I sometimes buy jeans here (true religion are a big seller here) and have them hem them because they are apparently made for amazon women.

True Religion. 132 Prince St. I love True Religion jeans. They seems to understand that women often have asses and are usually not beanpole runway models (unlike diesel). the dressing rooms are really spacious and the mirrors are inside so you don't have to show anyone else the dreaded muffin-top when you are trying to find the right pair of jeans. I LOATHE trying jeans on but this is a really comfortable place to do it if you must. http://www.truereligionbrandjeans.com

Bloomingdale's SoHo. 504 Broadway. Ahhhhhhh. The great part about having a bloomie's charge card is that even if you don't have your card with you you can charge anything by typing your SS into their keypad. The bad part about having a bloomie's charge card is that even if you don't have your card with you you can charge anything by typing your SS into their keypad. ;) One-stop shopping, the Soho version of the bigger lexington ave flagship store, but edited with a cooler, downtown vibe. They don't carry certain designers like Chanel or Vuitton because they are so close to those boutiques so they have more interesting labels like Cynthia Rowley, L.A.M.B. (gwen stefani's line) and Alice & Olivia. There is a cafe here with nice views too though I haven't tried it as I'm always on the go. the first floor has cosmetics and skincare lines like MAC, Benefit, YSL, Bobbi Brown, etc., sunglasses, and crazy gaudy jewelry, which can be fun.

Daffy's. Broadway & Grand. I always forget about Daffy's somehow, even though I go a really hot pair of Roberto Cavalli boots here once. They don't have a lot of the latest styles, but you can find some great bargains on high quality merchandise, kind of like Century 21, which I still have trouble going to ever since it was used as a morgue, which makes it kind of hard for me to be jovial about finding a prada skirt on major sale. Daffy's is a bit dingy, which is maybe why I forget about it, as it doesn't appeal to the side of me that loves shopping for the experience almost more than for the items themselves.

Uniqlo. 546 Broadway. Konichiwa! Japanese retailer inhabits this 36,000 square foot monstrosity, which focuses on basics rather than fashion like H&M and Zara, both of which are also on Broadway very close by, but for me do not have the appeal of the Uniqlo set up. there is something about towering, color-coded stacks of $80 cashmere sweaters I find comforting I guess:

I just realized I could go on forever but I have to stop now! I may add more to this post later since it's pretty useful for out of towners.

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Thursday, September 6th, 2007
5:29 pm - saks new shoe dept & fall '07 fashion
soooo I went to saks to check out the new shoe department. for those of you who haven't heard, it has over 10,000 pairs of shoes and its own zipcode! it was pretty amazing, however, the only thing I wanted to purchase were a pair of $1300+ boots. and my absolute ceiling for accessories maxes out at 1k, which is still too high for friggin' footwear (I have only done it once). I am actually somewhat more impressed with the shoe selection at Macy's, dare I say it. I went to Bloomingdale's the following day just to see if there was a pair of boots I maybe did want that would not cost me $1300 and no luck, surprisingly. having over 250 pairs of shoes/boots means I am very picky about what I actually buy now, as it has to stand out somehow. but anyway, like an idiot, yesterday I went into the Chanel store and bought a pair of shoes, not even boots, and I don't have to tell anyone how friggin expensive footwear at Chanel is. though they were under 1k. this is the curse of working in an office in soho when I have time to go out and play during the afternoon when I am in close proximity to chanel, miu miu, prada, dolce & gabbana, burberry (which has gone from being stuffy to having AMAZING punk rock/dominatrix inspired crap!) intermix (to die for!) and the soho bloomies. I had already bought a marc jacobs bag at barneys so now it may be time to freeze my credit card again because it is going to take me a couple o' months to pay off the balance on those two friggin' big-ticket items.

I just had lunch with russ, who when I told him I freeze my credit card, thought I call and "put a freeze" on my account; but what I actually do is put my amex card in a cup of water and put it in the freezer. only when it gets bad of course. sometimes I buy stuff I certainly can not afford. having it frozen in a small chunk of ice means I actually have to take some time to think about it if I want to bring it out with me. yes, I have a problem.

anyway, onto my short but sweet commentary about fashion for fall. the good news about the fall season is they are finally reigning in the friggin' billowy, empire-waisted look which makes everyone look preggers. I mean, I have been belting every single dress I have bought in the last year just to avoid looking like a pregnant midget. so shape is coming back, yay, and BROWN is also going out somewhat, which is another welcome change. grey is huge for fall. between carrying home my sept harper's bazaar and my sept vogue, I got a backache. they're like telephone directories. at least it was like a workout so I'll look good in the new, tighter silhouettes starting to pop up in stores now. :)

here is a new for fall burberry bag, see what I mean:

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Monday, June 25th, 2007
12:45 pm - hi
sooo, I see some people have noticed I have pretty much stopped coming on LJ. I am mainly a myspace girl these days, I even blog there occasionally. THANK YOU to those people who sent a note, a comment, whatever just wanting to check in and see if I'm ok, makes a girl feel loved. :)

I am indeed fine, I just returned from a week vacationing in aruba, solo, which was lovely.

the usual kidney-health problems plague me on and off, but nothing too out of the usual, so it's dealable.

my harley has been altered to almost fit me by one shop and is now on staten island getting the final touches to make it manageable for my damn diminutive size. at some point I'll have to take the road test. figure 8s, ee-gads. currently I am thinking I will be too afraid to ever go on a highway. heh.

lucky 13 is doing well, all is fine there, no complaints and maybe even considering opening a second bar in 2008.

animal bliss: chloe and squiggy love living together and they are doing well and are very happy, as are my cats who are going on 12 years old now! crazily, the 2-year anniversary of ewan the blackbean's death just passed. :( I can't believe it's been 2 years but then again so much has happened since he passed; I went down to the gulf coast to volunteer in the katrina aftermath, I've moved twice, which is a huge deal, and have had chloe and squiggy for a year and a half, 2 years by november. time flies and yet is so filled with stuff it's confusing.

my day job is good, I am now head of the department and I really can't complain. the first heavily tattooed green-haired ad exec yet? maybe. heh. I recently was headhunted by bergdorf goodman for head copywriter and editor and they would have paid me a RIDICULOUS amount of money, but comfort is more important to me than anything and I am generally happy here. I don't want to make a move that will make my life any more complicated than it already is just for $$.

I am still teaching 6 classes a week, kickboxing, yoga, and 1 pilates class, which keeps me busy and relatively fit. I also usually work out with a trainer once a week to keep me from getting lazy. :)

my personal life is just that and I've never really gotten into it much here so I won't be doing that now either. ;) let it suffice to say that life is peculiar and tough and rewarding and awesome all at the same time...

if you want to see what's new with me anytime: http://myspace.com/chisaiboo

peace out. ;)


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Thursday, February 15th, 2007
1:01 pm - chloe & my ride
so chloe is doing MUCH better, I took the advice of someone on the schipperke list and got some rescue remedy cream to put on her sides (she has been SHREDDING her skin on the sides of her undercarriage with her back paws trying to scratch herself) and they look a little better. also last night I managed to roll her over onto her back on the couch and rub her chest where she didn't get shaved until she fell asleep and she stayed like that for a good three hours even though I was desparate to get up and pee. heh. so that's all good news. it can only get better from here. I was so excited when she took her first poop and it was fine. though this morning she had a really hard time walking outside with the cone, it kept getting full of slush, she's very low to the ground. I think she then got some in her eyes because she stopped walking and just started crying, it was awful, I had to carry her back home. :( but at least I feel like she is definitely on the mend.

and here's the bike, before adjustments:

after I get new handlebars and all that I'll take new pics. :)

if it's too friggin' big for me STILL then I'm going to wind up selling it and buying a smaller bike but I really hope I can make this one work since it's so hot!!

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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
3:23 pm - last week I almost lost my baby girl
sooooo, if you have ever had a dog you know in some ways they are worse than children. well my chloe wasn't feeling well when I got home one night last week and wasn't interested in food (!!?!) and was just acting generally sick and lethargic. I started to get really concerned and wondering if I should take her to the vet, but it was getting late and by then she would have had to go to the emergency vet which I was loathe to do for just a tummy ache; but it wasn't improving. she was acting like she wanted to sleep but lay on her bed with her eyes open. squiggy kept running over to her like to check on her and then running away.

suddenly she got up and ran to the stairs like she wanted to go outside. she made it halfway down the stairs and started throwing up and OUT CAME SCREWS!!!!!! like almost 20 of them!!!! so of course I freaked the fuck out and then she had to be rushed to the emergency vet. they took x-rays and by then it was midnight and there were still SEVEN screws left in her - two were caught up in her intestines, two in her colon and two in her stomach so they had to wake the surgeon up at home and get him in there to operate on the poor baby. oy vey.

went to lucky 13 for some much-needed tequila to await the phonecall telling me if she was going to make it through ok - I finally couldn't take it anymore and called them when I got home at 5 am and was on hold forever - what a horrendous ten minutes that was - but she lived through the surgery thank goddess and is going to be OK!!!! they had to cut open her stomach and intestines though to get the screws out so she is still in a lot of pain obviously. they shaved her back to put a pain patch on her. I pulled up my shirt and asked them for one for myself. no go. :P

once her stomach and intestines sealed up and she could eat on her own they let me take her home. she is absolutely miserable because she can't lay down in any of the usual ways; her stomach is all tender and sutured up and she has this plastic cone on her head so she won't chew her stitches out and open up her belly UGH. so she stands all day and cries because she is exhausted. I haven't gotten any good sleep in days, I'm dying here. last night she actually leaned the front end of the cone on the floor with her nose practically touching the floor and kind of dozed off standing up!! the poor little girl. :( the cone has to stay on for 2 weeks! but her sutures do look like they're healing at least.

I'm going to see if I can get a copy of the x-ray - you have to see this! why would a dog eat screws???

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
1:09 pm - same old, basically
not a lot to report, just working my arse off as usual. I have some new pics on myspace. I bought a motorcycle ('86 harley sportster). trying to make it work for an extremnely wee person now, needs a few serious adjustments. I need a vacation. I'm still tending bar every friday and saturday night at Lucky 13 but you probably won't find me there any other night due to my day job so if you plan on surprising me, pick a weekend to avoid disappointment. I did get to see yrcomplacency though, before she leaves for germany, so that was wicked cool. :) & a public service announcement: there's an interesting lecture coming up:

******* ****** ****** ****** ******
Veganism 101: From Personal to Global
The how’s and why’s of being vegan, including nutrition, ethics, lifestyle, and then some…
This enlightening workshop is perfect for you if you are:
A veg wannabe, A vegan pro who needs a kick in the arse, Curious (or skeptical) about veganism, The only vegetarian (or meat-eater) at the Thanksgiving meal
When: Tuesday, February 20, 2007, 7 p.m.
Where: NYU's Kimmel Building, 60 Washington Square South, Room 802
(You will have to sign in, so practice your John Hancock and bring your prettiest ID.)
Who: Jasmin Singer, vegan educator and holistic health counselor, Jazz Singer
Holistic Marisa Miller, vegan educator and Animal Projects Coordinator, Global Green
Why: Because v egans taste better.
Email Marisa for more info: missyjanemiller@yahoo.com

that's all for now, hope everyone is well!!!

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Friday, January 5th, 2007
3:32 pm - happy new year

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Thursday, December 21st, 2006
4:46 pm - A very Me(n)tal Xmas at Lucky 13 Saloon
Our 3rd annual Holiday Extravaganza with ass-kickin' L'amour veteran DJ Alex Kayne, Hottie Go-Go Lil Miss Innocent, and AMAZING giveaways all night!! Gifts provided by Toys in Babeland; Budweiser; Jagermeister; Lucky 13 Saloon, etc.... Cool tattoo/leopard/skull/crystal accessories for sale by ZOLABELLA for your last minute shopping needs!! I AM BARTENDING!

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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
5:17 pm - boycott POM juice
POM Kills Animals

When PETA learned that POM was funding deadly experiments on animals, we immediately asked the company to meet with us to discuss accurate non-animal test methods such as human clinical trials. POM refused to abandon animal testing, instead preferring to continue conducting useless experiments that require researchers to torment and kill animals in laboratories.

Other companies, such as Naked Juice, Frutzzo, Old Orchard, and Lakewood, make delicious and healthy 100 percent pomegranate juice without harming a single animal—yet POM has paid experimenters to do the following:

1. Lock week-old mouse pups—whose mothers were fed pomegranate juice—in a chamber with almost no oxygen for 45 minutes in order to induce severe brain damage. The babies were decapitated, and their brains were removed for study.
2. Critically damage the arteries of rabbits in order to simulate erectile dysfunction—a bizarre attempt to suggest that drinking pomegranate juice might alleviate this ailment.
3. Induce heart disease (atherosclerosis) in mice who were fed POM—the mice were then killed and cut open to examine their hearts.

Studies to determine the health benefits of pomegranate juice can easily be conducted on willing human volunteers. It has been proved time and time again that non-animal test methods are more reliable, accurate, and applicable to humans than animal tests are—and more than 20 of POM’s competitors do not fund any experiments on animals.

see the video and read the rest of the article at:

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Monday, December 18th, 2006
6:39 pm - the year in review


roybatty, labdanum & kennydoogs will especially appreciate this I think. ;)

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